DIY Grooming for guys is a simple way to have a radiant face despite old age. Doing self-care is not only done by women. But men can also and are able to do various treatments. Because the world of beauty is now increasingly popular and trendy. So don’t be surprised if there are many treatments circulating in the community.

Doing treatment is the main basis so that the face remains good and not old. However, if you do treatment you have to do it regularly. This is so that the face can produce optimal results.

However, when you choose several treatments, make sure that they suit your skin type. This is to anticipate the skin is not sensitive or damaged. One of the most popular treatments is DIY Grooming. For more information, you can read this article.

Choice of Natural Masks for DIY Grooming for guys

Some Face Masks for DIY Grooming for guys

There are various face masks that you can use in DIY Grooming for guys. Men’s skin is indeed more supple when you compare it to women’s skin and has more elastin fibers, collagen, and a stronger protective layer than women’s skin.

However, it is environmental conditions that can harm all skin types. Therefore, treatment for men is needed for various reasons. Among other things, exposure to sunlight and pollution which is very harmful to the skin.

Because it can cause more damage to your skin than you can imagine. This can cause uneven skin tone, acne, and even wrinkles.

So that way, you have to adapt to good skin care activities from now on. It will be more important than ever. Here are some natural masks that you men can use:

Lemon and Honey

The first mask is made from lemon and honey. These two ingredients help you make your skin feel fresh and brighter. Lemons allow you to get a whitening effect and honey can keep your skin hydrated.

You can use both of these ingredients as a facial cleanser. Mix the two ingredients in equal proportions and use it when you wash your face. This helps remove dirt from your skin.


Papaya can also be used as a natural mask for DIY treatments. The papain enzyme present in papaya promotes skin healing and increases collagen production.

Make a paste and keep it on your face for at least 20 minutes. Next, please clean it using warm water and dab your face with a soft dry cloth. Use this face mask twice a week for maximum results.

So, those were some natural masks for DIY Grooming for guys you guys can use.